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About Me


Hey friend, my name is Hannah and I'm so glad you're on this journey with me. I started this page to help people feel connected and find their community in all facets of life. Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

So what is there to know about me? Check out these 5 fast facts!

1. I currently reside in East Tennessee with my husband, Taylor, where you can find us hiking in the Smoky Mountains, on a run, or cozying up in a coffee shop with friends.

2. My love language is quality time followed by words of affirmation. And I'm an Enneagram 2.

3. My favorite season is fall - but I will always celebrate a snow day.

4. I'm a big sports girl. Both of my degrees are sports management/administration so one of my favorite things to do is watch sporting events - specifically the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Braves, but I'll watch just about anything.

5. I drink almost as much coffee as I do water.  I wasn't kidding that you can almost always find me in a coffee shop during my free time. My go to drinks are an iced coffee sweetened with cream from Starbucks during the summer and a vanilla or praline latte during the cold seasons.

What's My "Why?"

Back when I graduated high school in 2014, I had a dream of using my gifts and passions for the sake of the gospel. One of those passions is using written words to love and encourage others. I've read so many blogs, books and Instagram posts that have helped me through the most difficult days and my hope is that this online space can be a place that does that for you. But it doesn't stop there. I want to foster a place for you to connect and call home, to find your people no matter where you are in life. So that's why I'm here. Growing and walking with you and following where Jesus guides me! 

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