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The Joanna Gaines Touch

Let's admit it. We all want the touch Joanna gives when she and Chip fix a house. It can be daunting when scrolling through Pinterest or walking through Hobby Lobby to make all the pieces connect. Here you will find inspiration for the home, where you can buy pieces, and cost! 

Living Room


The living room is where you will host game nights, movie marathons, small groups, or the Super Bowl. This area is often what people see first and what they remember most - as this is where they will spend most of their time when visiting your home. Your living room is a great place to add personal touches of your style - an old window frame, throw pillows, or an accent chair. You'll find that you purchase your decor at many stores and matching colors & styles can be difficult. Flip through the pictures to see how your different styles and favorite colors can mesh into one! 

Kitchen & Dining

Often messy, the kitchen is where the magic happens. It's where you'll cook a Thanksgiving meal, have a dinner date with your loved one, or invite your friends over to catch up. The kitchen decor is often over looked as you typically won't have guests hanging in this space, but a few simple touches can really make your cooking space pop.


Your bedroom will typically go unseen unless you offer your guests a look. It's easy to not put time and effort into the room for this reason. However, your bedroom is the place to really add your personal touches. It's the space where you can add pictures of loved ones, add a few shelves for frames or memoirs, hang a shadow box, or an area for awards you might have received over the years. Make this space your own! It certainly can go with the theme of the rest of your home, but it's truly where to add pieces that fit you.


I'm guilty as the next person of looking for any reason to go to Hobby Lobby, Target, or wherever you buy decor for the home. Adding seasonal pieces differentiates the decor you have year round and also creates a "pop" that you might not see elsewhere. Simple touches like a change of color - in your placemats or floral arrangements, can put you in the perfect mood for the changing season.


Outdoor decor is often overlooked. Whether you have a front porch or backyard patio, having a few personal touches can make your home more welcoming. Your front door or walkway is the first place guests will see your sense of style, so welcome them in with a fun wreath on the door, welcome mat, or rocking chairs!

Feeling some inspiration and ready to take the next step in decorating your home? Check out this blog post to see where you can buy these products and how much they cost!

Want more? Head over to the blog for more decorating ideas and check out my Pinterest page!

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