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Health & Wellness

Running with a Purpose

Running is my favorite hobby and how I destress. I began running when I was 8, but it wasn't until my gymnastics career ended two years later that I really laced up my shoes and gave running a chance. By some miracle, running came naturally to me. Running quickly went from a hobby to passion, and well, here I am 13 years later with 9 marathons down and 41 to go! 

I have a personal goal to run a marathon in every state, which I have a long way to go! With every race and long run, I love to pray specifically for someone each mile. For one thing, it helps pass the time, but more importantly, I am able to create stronger relationships with people, and with Jesus!


Races & Places

Training Plans

Looking to take the next step in your running career? Or simply take the first step? Below are some basic training plans for your next venture. Want additional help training for your next race? Head over to the contact page, send me a message and I will be in touch!

Training Tips

Training for race takes hard work, time, and believe it or not, rest! Here are a few of my personal training tips for your next race! Stay tuned for more in-depth tips!

1. Always listen to your body! Rest or walk if you need to; don't push to the point of injury.

2. Stay hydrated and fueled. Water the day before a long run is very important and properly fueling before, during, and after provides needed energy.

3. Rest is important. The night before and two nights before your long run and race are the most important. It can be difficult to run if your body is running on fumes!

4. Cross training and stretching are essential. Providing your body with alternate cardio exercises allows you to train, but helps prevent injury. Stretching promotes flexibility, range of motion, and makes you stronger!

5. Have fun! Don't put yourself through runs if you don't enjoy them. Running is a great cardio exercise that promotes health, but if you don't enjoy it, there are plenty of other ways to exercise!



"Hannah not only encouraged me to continue running half marathons, but also pushed me to run my first marathon. I would not be the runner I am today (or may not even be a runner) without her continued guidance and support. She is blessed not only as a great runner, but also as a great coach who equips runners and non runners alike to achieve their goals."

— Emily Spillane

— Allison Smith

"Hannah single-handedly helped me reach a huge milestone by running in my first full marathon! I began my training without much of a plan, and quickly realized that I wasn't making as much progress as I needed to be. Shortly after, I met Hannah and she was immediately very eager to help me reach my goal. She created a personalized training plan for me based on my current abilities and offered so much excellent advice and council throughout my training process. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of long distance running and how to take care of your body while doing so. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do it without her! She’ll be your biggest fan and an excellent coach from start to finish and has inspired me to continue to participate in marathons and to enjoy the sport of running more than I ever thought I would!"

— Clark Joseph

"I've known Hannah for 6 years now, and met her when she was training for her first marathon. It was so amazing to see her resilience and determination while training. Through the years of our friendship, she's inspired me to get back into running and she's helping me train for my first half marathon in March 2020. I'm grateful to have her design a training plan that is flexible to my schedule. She's been a great encourager and coach through this time."

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