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I've been a planner since birth, but I've learned things often don't go as planned. Since my day job is an event manager, I am always planning the next thing. My hope for this page is to give you some ideas for your next event, and maybe things will go as planned - or at least better than you thought!


Rustic Dining Hall
Home Decor

For The Home

I love taking trips to Hobby Lobby or Target for new home decor. However, it's easy to walk into these stores and be overwhelmed by the variety of styles, pieces, and even the price. My For the Home page showcases different styles to decorate the home without breaking the bank.

Health & Wellness

From the early days of gymnastics to now, there is always some type of health and wellness goal I am working toward. If you know me now, you probably now I am always working toward finishing the next marathon. I've been a runner since the age 8, and while not an official expert, I love helping those around me reach their running goal. Here you can find tips, tricks, and training plans! Stay tuned for further health and wellness ideas outside of running.

Running Shoes


Check out what's on the menu at the Fatheree household along with the recipes!

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