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5k Training Plan

When seeing training plans for a 5k, you might see "couch to 5k" program. While this program is catered towards those who might not be super physically active in the moment, I don't want to limit a 5k training program to that idea. This training program is for anybody who wants to reach a health and wellness goal, whether that be "getting off the couch" or having some type of fitness background and needing a running goal to work toward.

This 8 week program will take you to reach your first running goal! If you've never run before, I'm sure this program can bring some questions! So let me break it down: I have 5 days of workouts here - which of course can (and should!) be adjusted to what fits your schedules. If a rest day on Thursday is better because you work and then have evening activities, then please do so!

Let's start with the most important workout each week: your long run (Saturday's workout). If there is only one workout you do each week (not recommended!) it's your long run. On these runs, try to run a consistent pace, and slow down a little. If you typically run a 10 minute mile, then on your long run run a 10 min 30 second mile! The day after your long run is a "shake out", allowing your legs to loosen up and get any soreness out! I've also incorporated one day of "speed" workouts - which are your tempo runs. This is when you want to run a consistent pace, but a little faster than your long run day. Again, if you typically run a 10 min mile, try to do your run at a 10 minute pace (or a little faster if you can!) The important thing is to try to be consistent. Now you might be wondering why there are days for biking and yoga. Biking, or cross training, is a great way to get cardio exercise while giving your body a rest from pounding pavement, helping prevent injury. Yoga, or as I say a fancy form of stretching, is so important to keep your body flexible. Finally, just as important to getting your runs in, so is rest!

I'll leave you with this: running should be fun, not feel like a punishment. And always, ALWAYS, listen to your body. If you feel pain or deep exhaustion, then rest. No run is worth getting injured!

Have questions or want a "coach" to help you through the training process? Head over to the contact page and send me a message!

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