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A few things about me!

Welcome to my first ever website!

This website has been over a year in the making. I began blogging when I graduated high school over 5 years ago (wow, I feel old!) and have desired to grow my writing ever since. As I've gotten older, lived in a few places, gotten married, and starting working full time, I've desired to further use my gifts for the sake of the gospel.

What does that mean exactly? Well first, I want to be consistent in writing, and the idea of creating a website stemmed from keeping myself accountable in writing, but also to encourage others. Additionally, I love helping others. So I thought I could use my passion to help others and specific God given gifts, mix them together, and put them on my website! You'll find pages about running/how to train for a race, dinner ideas, event ideas, and home decor ideas, and I truly hope these pages help you. Most importantly, I wanted to provide a place for people to be encouraged, seeking Jesus, and connect. Whether through my personal blogs or shared resources, I hope this space can be a place where you can find comfort, peace, and rest. If you need a person to talk to, have questions about your walk with Jesus, or want a good book to read, I've created this page so you can either find answers or guidance.

My long term goal is to write a book and travel the word speaking truth to others! I certainly hope this website can be a stepping stone to that dream.

Enough about the background behind this site, now to get to know a little about me!

1. If you haven't figured out already, I love Jesus and I love people!

2. I love running. I began running when I was 8, and have a dream of running a marathon in every state. I'm currently 9/50 and have number 10 coming up in April!

3. Sports are my favorite. I went to undergrad and grad school for sport management/sport administration. I could talk sports, attend sporting events, or work a sporting event any time and be thrilled.

4. As I love sports, I'm a Georgia Bulldog through and through. I'm also a Braves fan. Yes, I am aware that these teams along with the other Georgia teams often let us down. One day sure enough, it'll be our year.

5. I drink almost as much coffee as I do water. My favorite coffee beverages: iced coffee sweetened with cream from Starbucks, or coffee with vanilla and cream/vanilla latte. If I had to pick a specialty drink, it would be a Praline latte.

6. I got married June 8, 2019 to my best friend and we love to adventure by going hiking, biking, or taking road trips, but also appreciate a good movie night!

7. Finally, my favorite season would be fall/winter. I LOVE the colors and cool temps of fall, but cold weather by the fire with a chance of snow is so dreamy to me!

That's it for now! Thanks for checking out my FIRST post on the new site! Subscribe to my page for new posts and follow me on Instagram (@hannahmfatheree) for fun updates!

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