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Free Indeed

Is there something in your life that causes you to frequently ask yourself, "will I ever get over this?"

You can probably guess it, but for me, this "thing" is most often anxiety. Sometimes it's comparison, sometimes it's crafting a busy schedule that leaves me overwhelmed.

Regardless of what is making me ask that question, the feeling of never been free from a struggle is truly discouraging. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I try, I always end up back in the same place, feeling stuck or bonded to this struggle.

When anxiety hits, I often feel stunned, like I can't go through a day normally. When comparison slaps me in the face, I feel the need to work 10 times harder just to keep up. Or when I feel the need to meet everyone else's needs, creating little time for rest, I get down on myself for not being able to do it all.

All of these things create bondage to things that are of this world. Things that can lead into temptation or things that I frequently give into, distracting me from what He has laid before me. Sometimes I notice I get in my head too much that if I opened my hands and let go of control, this bondage would be freed.

I've shared before some tips that have helped me walk through anxious seasons, how to create a less busy life, or stop feeding into the comparison trap (you can read more on those here). And while all of those things help me take steps toward freedom, I've learned in my life that there is one true thing that provides freedom: Jesus. Scripture tells us in John 8:36 that He has set us free - liberating us from the bondage of our sin and shame. Regardless if I'm totally healed of these struggles, I can freely walk knowing that His grace is enough and it's all I need. On the toughest days, riddled with anxiety or faced with comparison, I can reach toward Jesus and accept His easy yoke, knowing that He too faced everything I have and it has been healed and redeemed at the cross. This earth is a temporary home for an even better eternity.

There is true, Holy freedom in Him. We don't have to submit to what holds us in bondage - He took care of that on the cross. For we are free indeed.

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