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Get To Know Me!

Captivating Community has been live for almost SIX months (that's crazy) and I am SO excited to continue this crazy journey with you all!

When I launched my website in February, I had a vision to connect people based on their similarities, needs, and desires. My hope with all of this is to use my gifts and passions so you can be encouraged, engaged, and connected. My site features a variety of things that I'm passionate about including health and wellness, for the home, recipes, events, and ideas and inspiration, which I know is a LOT, but hey, I'm trying to figure life out too! Hopefully you'll find something you like on here whether it's a dinner idea, half marathon training plan, or encouragement from lessons I'm personally learning.

I am so excited to welcome some new followers on here and also thank those who have been with me day one. However, I do understand that it can be hard to connect with people when you don't know much about them, so I wanted to do a "get to know me" blog round 2 so you might feel more comfortable to take this journey with me!

Here we go!

  1. My favorite color is blue. I know, this is a simple aspect of getting to know me, but blue is actually a big part of my life. Over half of my closet is blue, most of my accessories (watch band, travel cup, etc) are blue, and I love decorating with blue accents. While this website doesn't reflect my favorite color (they're actually my wedding colors!), just know you will see me with a lot of blue.

  2. My style is rustic/farmhouse. We just bought our first home at the beginning of July and we are in the process of doing some remodeling (fresh paint, new decor, updated furniture) and I am definitely going for a farmhouse/rustic vibe with gray walls, neutral accents, and greenery. A lot of my "for the home" page will consist of this style, but don't worry - I will be adding in some other ideas too!

  3. My favorite place is anywhere in the mountains on a crisp fall day. Key words though: crisp fall day. I'm not a fan of heat and summer!

  4. My dream places to travel are New England area (Gilmore Girls definitely inspired this), Seattle, Spain, and pretty much anywhere else in Europe.

  5. One of my bucket list items is to go to a game in every MLB ballpark and buy a souvenir hat from the stadium. I've currently been to Atlanta (Go Braves! Both Truist Park and Turner Field), Dodger Stadium, PetCo Park (San Diego), Wrigley Field, and Great American Ballpark. I hoped to cross a few more off my list this year, but COVID.

  6. I prefer waffles over pancakes. But I love almost any carb.

  7. Christmas is by far my favorite day of the year. I may or may not have already listened to some Christmas tunes this year (Christmas in July, right?!)

That's a little about me! You can also read my first "get to know me" blog here to learn even a little more! I'll be sharing more about myself and life as time goes on, but feel free to hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with all blog posts or go over to instagram and follow @captivatingcommunity updates!

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