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Our Fixer Upper

I have been itching to share some of our home renovations for weeks. It has been a lengthy process, and while the bulk of it has been done for about 6 weeks, we had some finishing touches before I could share some pictures with you all!

Let me be the first to say, when we bought our home we had lofty goals to paint and redo a LOT of stuff. Over time, we realized that would take endless hours and endless money - neither of which we have or want to do - so we picked the top rooms/items to be updated and went from there. It also took us longer than usual because we did everything ourselves. Personally, I was not too keen on the idea, but Taylor assured me he could do everything and in the end we've saved thousands of dollars. I will say, we had *several* moments throughout the process when we were ready to call a professional, but we pushed through and we couldn't be happier!

Enough chatter, let's see some before and after pictures! (Be sure to read all the way through; I saved the best for last!)


Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

What we did:

  • Fresh paint on all the walls

  • New furniture (Knoxville Wholesale Furniture & Wayfair)

  • New rug (Wayfair)

  • Decorations (Hobby Lobby, Target, antique stores!)

  • Built floating shelves (courtesy of Taylor!)


Dining Room Before:

Dining Room After:

What we did:

  • Fresh Paint (this room is naturally very dark, so we needed a lighter gray to brighten the room)

  • Floating shelf & decor (Shelves built by Taylor)


And probably the most anticipated room, the kitchen!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

What we did:

  • Fresh paint on the walls

  • Painted cabinets

  • New cabinet knobs (Home Depot)

  • Updated countertops (it's difficult to tell, but they were pink before!)

  • New farmhouse sink and faucet (Home Depot)

  • Subway tile backsplash (Floor & Decor)


Phew! That was a lot. We also painted our bedroom and hung a few signs, but the room is still in the works to get matching furniture, so we'll save that update for later! We learned a lot through this process: that a clear coat on cabinets needs to be the same base as your paint or you will have to re-paint (yes, yes we did), counter tops are more difficult than they look, painting 4 large rooms takes quite a while, and most importantly: over time, you realize you can live with some spaces not being updated just yet. We're taking a break for now, but we hope to update some light fixtures throughout the house, paint the office space and small hallways, stain the deck, and more!

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