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Product Launch!!

Product Launch is finally here!!

I am so excited to offer 2 different stickers that speak a lot about my life and how this year has unfolded.

The Hope Abounds sticker idea came from the difficulty we've all faced this year and recognizing where our hope lies. I hope this sticker encourages you and reminds you that our hope is overflowing, continual, and powerful beyond what this world may bring. In our darkest days, may we cling to the hope in us powered by His Spirit (Romans 15:13).

Free Indeed came from my constant battle with anxiety. Even as a believer, I frequently struggle with fear, worry, and anxiety - sometimes to the point where I can't move forward. Scripture reminds us that who the Son sets free, is free indeed (John 8:36). We no longer have to be bound to our struggles, sin, and shame, and while this Earth will bring strife, He has overcome. No matter what difficulty or struggle you face, we have been set free!

Thank you sweet friend for believing in me, and I hope you too can cling to these truths during what continues to be a crazy year.

The Hope Abounds sticker is $4.50 and Free Indeed is $4.25. Both stickers provide free shipping to the continental US! Both stickers are water proof vinyl and can be placed on any surface - laptops, water bottles, notebooks, etc. To purchase, simply click here!

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