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What's For Dinner?

Okay y'all, it has been a crazy few weeks. It started out with going to Nashville for work, followed by Elevate weekend at church, a few quick days at home, then a weekend trip to Disney, and finished off the traveling with another trip to Nashville which ultimately ended early due to a tornado.

All this to say - I have not cooked at ALL the last few weeks, but I am happy to say I've got a full fridge and pantry and a menu ready to go! Sometimes life happens and you have to eat a frozen pizza or pb&j for dinner - and that's okay. I do find it valuable to sit down and have a meal with Taylor (or maybe for you it's your family, parents, or roommates), but whatever you're eating, take the time to sit and eat with people. The best conversations happen over food - heck Jesus at with all kinds of people!

Enough blabbing, what's for dinner this week!?

For a healthy option - we've got grilled chicken and vegetables! This recipe provides several different veggie options, but specifically, our pantry has sweet potatoes, asparagus, and lettuce!

We also have BBQ chicken pizza (because who doesn't love pizza?!) Homemade pizza is super easy to make - and it's one of my favorite things to eat - so I'm positive you will see it on our menu frequently.

Also - a fun twist on taco night - blackened fish tacos with a mango slaw! So yummy, so flavorful, and so healthy (don't tell your kids).

To wrap up the week - spaghetti dinner. Yes, I know this is a carb heavy meal, but it's always a great meal before a long run (16 miles next Saturday, pray for me!)

If you haven't noticed, we always leave one night a week for date night. This means Taylor and I go out to eat, cook something together, etc. It's simply a meal that isn't typically planned out!

That's it for this week, stay tuned for more recipes and you can always check the recipes section on my blog page (Ideas & Inspiration) for all recipes I've posted! What are your favorite recipes? If you have one you'd like to share, head over to the connect page and send me your favorite things to make!

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