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The Way Forward Podcast

Life Changes. Difficult decisions. Feeling Stuck. Unprepared. Or Unsure. And everything in between. Welcome to The Way Forward Podcast. Every week we’ll tackle the hard questions in life that hinder us from being present and taking our next steps. Our hope is that we can learn to rest in the now to equip us for the way forward.

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Finding Your People

I'm a firm believer we were not made to walk through life alone. Having community is such an important part of our faith journey, but finding those people can be difficult, even scary. A strong community will be honest, vulnerable and intentional - always leading with grace and landing with truth. These people will push us towards Jesus, always encouraging us to step into what He is calling us to do. But how do we find those people?

Captivating Community the Bible Study was written with the idea to help you find yourself and your people in all facets of life. This 7 session study dives into what Biblical community is, how we obtain it, how it prospers and so much more. The Study will officially launch on July 7th, 2021 - but you don't have to entirely wait until then. Check out Session 1: "What is Community?" for free today!

Download the Bible Study here! Free for a limited time.

Captivating Community Bible Study.jpg

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Additional Resources

My hope for this space is for you to be encouraged in your walk with Christ. Check out these additional faith-based resources such as my blog, and favorite books/blogs!

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